Welcome to J.W.U. (Movie for Japanese Lessons)

Welcome to J.W.U. (Movie for Japanese Lessons)



異文化社会で生活することは、とても大変な時もありますが、貴重な経験にもなります。この教材は、学習者が直接日本に来なくても、異文化理解を深めることができたらと思って作成しました。 皆さんの日本語学習に少しでも役に立てたら嬉しいです。

文学部日本文学科 教授 田辺和子


These online teaching materials enable second-language learners around the world to independently practice their conversational skills in Japanese. They are designed to advance learners’ grasp of how Japanese speakers talk with each other. The course accommodates beginning, intermediate, and advanced level students. For the most part, these materials were inspired by the everyday contexts that study-abroad students at Japan Women’s University encounter.

The experience of living in a foreign culture can be challenging, but it is highly rewarding. However, these materials are also relevant to second-language learners without direct exposure to life in Japan. Even a little cross-cultural experience serves many positive purposes, and satisfies my goal to enrich learners’ opportunities to better understand Japan and the Japanese language.

Kazuko Tanabe Ph.D.
Department of Japanese, Faculty of Humanities