Recovery from setbacks, and evolution

 I have devoted myself to classical ballet for 18 years since I was 3 years old. I practice seven days a week without taking a single day off.
 I was forced to give up my long-term study abroad plans and dream of becoming a professional ballerina. Instead, I prioritized high school.
 You can't become a professional ballerina if you don't study abroad for a long time before entering high school at the latest. So I was forced to make important life decisions at a young age. (Why did you decide to choose high school over studying ballet professionally abroad?)
 Dreaming of becoming a ballerina, I practiced 24/7, participated in competitions every month to train myself, and I went to study abroad on scholarships in three countries. This renunciation decision to forgo my dream to study to be a professional ballerina was hopeless and really painful at the time.
 Synchronous students study abroad and are in a position to see off from Japan every time. "Have a nice day! I'm rooting for you from Japan!" I cheered for them but also cried in my heart every time. No matter how much I cry, the pain won't go away, and the tears won't stop.
In high school, I had a chance to perform in my favorite ballet while struggling with this pain. I grabbed the chance to compete in and win the top prize at an audition the competition, performed in the lead role in the ballet performance recital.
When I was in college, I was pretty limited. Because I love ballet, the more I do it, the more painful it becomes. I couldn't give up on dancing, so I started looking for something that would allow me to become a professional dancer, and I challenged myself to participate in competitive dance.
 But I ended up going to ballet performances so often that there was always ballet music playing in my room.
 Some time in the winter of my 3rd year, at a competitive dance ???, I received an offer to become a “professional.” It was a chance that I wanted so much.
As a result, the internal conflicts and regrets regarding ballet that spanned seven years disappeared were digested. I was able to be honest with myself, and I knew that I wanted to study ballet. Then, I decided to cast aside my doubts and regrets. I gathered the courage and made the decision to make a full return to ballet.
I was guided by the following principles:
● There is more than one choice.
● Seek the maximum result toward the goal and maximize the effort.
 In these past 7 years, I was frustrated, my rival at the time corrected the course of his dream, faced himself, and began to move forward. Now that we met again, I was leading two steps and three steps Now, I am able to move step by step towards my dream.
 I will never forget this moment of my life.
 There is scenery that can only be seen and situations that can only be experienced after pushing yourself to your limits. It will take you to the next stage. That's why I'm going to pursue the path I believe is meant for me, with passion and without compromising.



バレリーナになることを夢見て、24 時間 365 日練習し、毎月の大会に出場して自己研鑽を積み、奨学金で 3 カ国に留学した。プロになる為に奨学金を得ようと、大会やオーディションを頑張ってきた自分にとって、そしてまだバレエしか知らずバレエが全てだった私にとって、この出来事は本当に目の前を真っ暗にするくらい絶望的だった。