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Application Guide for Non-matriculated Credit-based Student on e-learning Graduate School( Master Course ), Japan Women’s University 2008-2009

Non-matriculated Credit-based Student on e-learning is a student who enrolls at this graduate school for the purpose of studying only specific e-learning courses of the class courses that are available. A grade is evaluated in September or March after the student finishes the courses.


I.           Application Qualifications

A female who does not have Japanese nationality, and is enrolled at, has graduated from, or is working at a school or other institution prescribed by this university, and in addition falls under one of the following categories (a person who satisfies the qualifications necessary for entering this graduate school)


Master Course

(1) A person who has graduated from university or is expected to graduate before enrolling at e-learning classes

(2) A person who was granted a degree in accordance with item 3 of 2 of article 68 of the School Education Law  (A person who graduated from a junior college or technical college, and has received a degree, or is expected to receive a degree, from a university evaluation and degree conferment body)

(3) A person who has completed 16 years of school education, or one who is expected to complete it before enrolling at e-learning classes

(4) A person designated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

(5) A person who has been going to university for at least 3 years, or has completed at least 15 years of school education in a foreign country, and has acquired the specified number of units at this graduate school with excellent results

(6) A person who is recognized as having academic ability of at least that of a university graduate as a result of an individual entrance qualification examination at this graduate school, and who has reached the age of 22.

(7) A person who is recognized by this graduate school as having academic ability at least as high as that of a person who has graduated from a university


Note:  If you apply on the applicant qualification of (5), (6), or (7) above-mentioned,  you must contact International Office(, Japan Women’s University) before the application.


II.           Courses Offered to Non-matriculated Credit-based Students on e-learning



Name of class


Name of Graduate School






Graduate School of Home Economics Division of Food and Nutrition

Prof.Nguyen V.Chuyen





Graduate School of Science Division of
Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Prof.Yoshiko Kubo




Graduate School of Science Division of  Mathematical and  Physical Sciences Cooperated  Prof. Itaru Kurosawa  with other teaching staff




Graduate School of Science Division of Material and Biological Sciences Cooperated  Prof. Yosiko Arikawa  with other teaching staff




Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Social Sciences Division of Studies on Contemporary Society

Prof.Takashi Abe




Graduate School of Home Economics Division of  Home Economics (Correspondence course)

Associate Prof. Takashi Sakata





Associate Prof. Masako Takamasu




Prof.Kei Sasai




Associate Prof. Tetsuji Sugiyama

1・・・The class is carried out in mutual contacts such as BBS on the content of the lecture besides watching it, listening to it, and submitting a test report for it. 

2・・・The class requires to submit reports and take exams on the content of the lecture. 


III.      Application

1.  Before applying

) Registration of your e-mail address

   E-mail to together with your name and the name of organization you belong such as the name of university or institution.

) How to receive application documents

Specified enrolment application and designated form of recommendation are sent to you as attachments to a return e-mail message after registration of your e-mail address was received.

E-mail address which is used for application, is registered at JWU.  The e-mail address is continuously used for various procedures to receive the courses, etc. as user’s name (ID) upon attending classes.    

2.  Applying.

Be sure to send your application, stated below, to the International Office by registered international airmail .

Be sure to submit all at once.  Incomplete or incorrect documents are not acceptable.  Note that if we receive incomplete or incorrect document which remains for three months, you will be disqualified from enrolment.   

Please e-mail at if you want to take additional classes.

<Application documents>

Items to note

Enrolment application

(Using our specified form)


Attach a photograph (One taken within the last 3 months, size 4 cm vertical 3 cm horizontal, either color or black & white, plain background, without hat, facing the camera, upper half of body) to the specified position.

Letter of recommendation (Using our specified form)


A letter of recommendation from the president, head or faculty adviser of an institution specified by us

One issued either in Japanese or English.  If a document was issued in a language other than these, be sure to attach a translation in Japanese or English made by the embassy or translation company, for example.

Graduation /expected graduation certificate



One issued from school last attended.

Only an original graduation certificate issued by a university is acceptable. A copy is not acceptable.

If you live in a country where a graduation certificate is not issued, you may submit a copy of your diploma in lieu. In this case, the copy must be certified by a public body.

If you submit an expected graduation certificate, be sure to submit a graduation certificate when you carry out the enrolment procedures.

Limited to certificate written in either Japanese or English.  If it was issued in a language other than these, be sure to attach a translation in Japanese or English.  The translation must be made by Embassy or a translation company, for example.

A copy of your identification card

Identification card, passport, driving license, etc. which approves your nationality, name, birthday, and photo of front face

Class fees (International Reply Coupons or Statement of Remittance)

Please enclose international reply coupons equal in value to the fees for the classes that you wish to study.
International Reply Coupons: 30
Overseas remittance (telegraphic transfer): US$ 50.00
 PAYEE: Japan Women’s University
 PAYEE’S ADDRESS: 2-8-1 Mejirodai, Bunkyo-ku,
     Tokyo 112-8681 Japan
 PAYING BANK: The Bank of Mitsubishi -Tokyo UFJ, Ltd.
 NAME OF THE BRANCH: Ikebukuro Branch
 * Be sure to send us Statement of Remittance or its copy.

.       Period for carrying out the procedures and Attending Classes

An initial password that is necessary for attending the class is informed within one month, to the e-mail address indicated in the documents that you submitted.

Use this initial password and then commence the class.

If you have not received an initial password within one month, please ask at, since it is considered that the documents submitted are incomplete or incorrect.


Application Received by JWU

Initial Password Issued by JWU  

Commencement of the classes

Notification of Selection Result

Period of enrollment

March 1, 2008 - April 30, 2008

Within1 month  after applications received

After receiving  the initial password  

Beginning of June, 2008

April 1, 2008- March 31, 2009

May 1, 2008 - August 31, 2008

Beginning of  October, 2008

September 25, 2008- September 24, 2009

Schedule may be changed after the announcement to each applicant.

Attendant period is one year.  However, your attendant period is automatically extended further one more year if the professor/lecturer allows your attendance continuously. If so, you are exempt from the fees.

Commence the class with the initial password even if you have not received selection result.  Distribution is stopped if you are disqualified.    

Items to Note

 1. We will not recognize any class changes, additions or cancellations after the end of the application period. Also, we will not return application documents that you have submitted or class fees that you have paid after this period for any reason. However, if you do not receive enrolment permission, we will return the class fees.

2. If you resign from JWU e-learning courses for personal reasons, please contact International Office stated below immediately.

3. Please apply newly and pay fees again if you request to attend the same class over two years.  Taking the same class you have obtained the credits, is prohibited. 

4. The number of credits that can be studied is within 10.

5. Items not covered in the Non-matriculated Credit-based Student on e-learning Guidelines for Clerical Handling shall be covered by the Regulations of the Graduate School of Japan Women’s University.

6. You cannot obtain an overseas study visa for the main purpose of becoming a non-matriculated credit-based student on e-learning.

7. We will issue a transcript or an enrolment certificate upon request from you.

Issue fee : A transcript in English \900,   An enrolment certificate in English  \600

8. PC environment

PC: The OS must be Windows.  Browser: Internet Explorer Ver.6.0 or higher.  Internet connection: A band of at least 64 Kbps must be acquired. If possible, a band of at least 300 Kbps should be obtained.


International Office of Japan Women’s University
TEL                     +81-3-5981-3352

 <Application and procedures>

Class Code


Mailing Address


Registrar’s Office, Mejiro Campus (Kyomu-shikaku-ka)

Japan Women’s University 2-8-1, Mejirodai, Bunkyo-ku Tokyo 112-8681 JAPAN

Registrar’s Office,  Nishiikuta Campus (Nishiikuta-gakumu-ka)

Japan Women’s University 1-1-1, Nishiikuta, Tama-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa 214-8565 JAPAN


Registration and Student Office, Master Course of Correspondence Course

Japan Women’s University 2-8-1, Mejirodai, Bunkyo-ku Tokyo 112-8679 JAPAN

 <Website of Japan Women’s University> 


We use personal data such as names and addresses in documents submitted during the application procedures and the enrolment procedures, for application procedures, enrolment procedures and related clerical work.

We do not use personal data for any purpose other than the abovementioned, or offer it to a third party without obtaining the consent of the person concerned.


SINCE 1901

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