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Naruse Memorial Hall

The Naruse Memorial Hall was built in 1984 as a part of commemorations of the university’s eightieth anniversary. The red-brick Romanesque building is to the left of the main gate of the Meijiro campus. Established to commemorate the history of the university and the ideals of our founder, Jinzo Naruse, the hall is intended as a contribution to the advancement of women’s education.

The building houses a Commemoration/Meditation Room, Exhibition Room, and Reading Room. The Exhibition Room serves as the university’s archive and as a museum, presenting exhibitions four times a year. The Commemoration Hall is designated as a facility equivalent to a museum, so that people from outside the university can gain admission. Passing through the arched iron door and lobby, you enter a space filled with soft light from stained glass windows. With its gnarled wooden beams and white walls, the hall is the most serene space on campus.