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Lifelong Learning Center

Lifelong learning at Japan Women’s University dates back to the Women’s University Lectures, a series of correspondence lectures held during the time of the university’s foundation in the 1900s. Since then, lifelong education has continued to be offered mainly in the format of correspondence courses. In 1995, the Nishi-Ikuta Lifelong Learning Center opened on the Nishi-Ikuta Campus offering programs such as the Open Lecture, Mind Clinic, and Child Rearing Support for students, graduates, and local residents. Following this in 2001, the Lifelong Learning and Communication Center was established on the Mejiro Campus in commemoration of the centenary of the university’s foundation. This center provided VOD lectures via the Internet and satellite relay lectures by way of televisual conferencing (satellites are located in Sapporo and Fukuoka) in addition to open lectures.

In April 2008, the two centers were integrated into the Japan Women’s University Lifelong Learning Center, and we are developing a system to make lectures simultaneously available for students at the Mejiro and Nishi-Ikuta campuses.