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The libraries of Japan Women’s University were established upon the founder, Jinzo Naruse’s premise that, ‘As the university grows, it is important to develop the libraries not only for students, of course, but broadly for women in general.’ Since then, the libraries have continued to grow despite the damage caused by fires and earthquakes, and they now boast a collection of 770,000 books and 18,200 magazines and journals. The quantity and quality of academic volumes illustrate the truth that the more that one studies of a subject, the more new questions arise. Reading spaces are illuminated with natural light filtered through the trees outside to produce a perfect atmosphere for reading and study. The two libraries in Mejiro and Nishi-Ikuta are linked by a computer network, and can be accessed with a common user card. While the two facilities provide data and material for writing essays and theses, the libraries also respond to user requests in locating materials. Users are encouraged to make full use of the facilities.