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Division of Material and Biological Sciences

In the Division of Material and Biological Sciences, students are expected to under-stand the functional nature of various material and biological systems, and focus their inquiry on a specialized problem in this broad field, including not only basic chemistry or biology, but also interdisciplinary studies, such as molecular biology, environmental science or physical chemistry. This Division consists of three Subdivisions: Material Function, Cellular and Molecular Function, and Physiological and Molecular Function, each providing several courses. Although each student is expected to concentrate her effort on her own research, she is also encouraged to learn as many subjects from different disciplines as she wants, so that she can acquire the ability to see her research in its right perspective. In the fall of every year, students of the first grade of the first stage of the doctoral program are requested to present their research plans and strategies, and those of the second grade present interim reports on their master's theses. All faculty members and students attend both meetings and each presentation arouses animated discussion. This helps students to improve their research plans for completing dissertations and at the same time, to deepen their understanding and interests about various scientific problems. The same kind of meeting will be held in the second stage of the doctoral program.