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Elementary School

Homei Elementary School was established on the Mejiro campus with Homei Kindergarten in 1906 as an affiliated school of the College's Department of Education, which was also founded in that year.

The school was named in recognition of the tremendous financial assistance received from the Morimura Homei Foundation, a charity established by Ichizaemon Morimura. Morimura was a great supporter of the elementary school and kindergarten from its inception.

Homei Elementary School aims to embody the ideals of its founder in life and in learning, according to the mental and physical development of each child. It is characterized by an emphasis on hands-on instruction, so that each child learns by her own experience and a feeling of reality.

In life guidance, the school strives first to strengthen children's minds and personalities, making them masters over themselves. School events and activities are used to help children understand the importance of the individual within the group and to foster a spirit of service and cooperation.

One example of the "hands-on" education common at the school is the science class. Taking advantage of the wealth of nature offered by the Nishi-Ikuta campus, pupils plant potatoes in the spring and rice in early summer and harvest both in the fall. Throughout the year the children are able to study, raise, and cultivate plants, insects, and fish in the garden formed using a small slope on the school grounds. Activities like these let them experience nature for themselves and transform the act of learning into a personal experience.

Other areas of study also emphasize laboratory and hands-on learning and field trips. In all cases efforts are made to ensure that pupils have real, living educational experiences.

The school holds a number of traditional events, starting with the entrance ceremony. In April, there is a spring excursion to welcome all first-year pupils. They participate in the excursion together with sixth-year pupils to foster sisterhood. After the excursion, all pupils take part in an off-campus sketching event. In summer, the fifth-year pupils go on a hiking trip to Sugadaira in Nagano Prefecture, while the sixth-year pupils spend three nights at the Sansenryo seminar house in Karuizawa. Every fall, there is an athletic meet where the pupils perform what they have learned in physical education class. Fall is also the season when the whole school gathers for “Homei Nakayoshi Day,” an event to promote school solidarity. In January, a music festival is held on the Nishi-Ikuta campus. The final big events are the farewell and graduation ceremonies in March for the sixth-year pupils.

Currently the all-girls school has three classes, each with 40 students, per academic year, for a total of 720 students.