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Ofukai, an association for Japan Women's University alumnae, was established soon after the first class graduated in 1904. Through its activities, Ofukai endeavors to achieve three objectives:

I) to encourage mutual aid among its members;

II) to promote the development of Japan Women's University; and

III) to contribute to the building of a peaceful, cultured nation and to promote public welfare. Ofukai currently has about 55,000 members, many of whom have made important contributions to society in a wide range of fields. The association's 154 branch chapters in Japan and abroad are active in promoting mutual friendship between members and contributing to inter-national friendship and goodwill.

Ofukai publishes the monthly Ofu Shimpo, which reports on the activities of the association and its members along with trends and events at the alma mater. In this way, the bulletin forms a valuable tie between the University and its alumnae.

Ofu Gakuen, which is operated as a part of the association's educational and cultural activities, provides currently enrolled students with the opportunity to receive instruction in cultural pursuits like flower arrangement, tea ceremony, calligraphy, painting and music between their regular classes. They can also prepare for the consumer advisor accreditation exam or attend lectures of the Counseling Research Group.

As a further service, Ofukai provides help wanted and employment information. It sells textbooks, writing materials and books and operates cafeterias for students and faculty members.

Ofukai also sponsors a number of events throughout the academic calendar. Two of the most popular among returning alumnae are Homecoming Day, held in April, and the Ofu Bazaar, which takes place in the fall.